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Realistic survival matches set in a open world.


Project: Redfield is unforgiving in its nature, but it’s also fair. You’ll notice that everything you do has consequences and you’ll have to think ahead if you plan on winning.

Open World

If you want to go somewhere, do it. Everything is accessible and we have made sure that every place is worth exploring. Perhaps you’ll find that gun you really need to win the game.


Survival in Project: Redfield will be challenging and interesting and we want every play style to be viable, be it full blown aggressive PVPer or passive nature survivalist.


Unlike most survival games, Project: Redfield will be played in matches that actually ends.
Be the last person to survive to win the game.

What is Project: Redfield?

Project: Redfield is a realistic open world survival game set on a fictitious island off of China’s southern coast.

On this island matches are held against their participants will and under the guise as being social experiments.

The only rule of these games is that only one participant or “subject” may survive to leave the island and how you do that is entirely up to you, nothing is off limits.

There are no zombies or other monsters in Project: Redfield. You survive against nature and the other participants.

The island is a vast open world filled with botanically correct species of plants and trees that can be found in the area of it’s supposed location.

Cities and towns feature full interiors with tons of stuff to find and loot will be much more realistic than what we’re used to.  You’ll be hard pressed trying to find a gun and if you do you better conserve ammo as they are few and far between.

Nature of the island is denser, more realistic and therefore much more unforgiving than what you’d expect from an open world game. There won’t be any 15 meters between each tree and bush.

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Key Features

Hard But Fair

Project: Redfield won’t hold your hand, it’s hard but it’s going to be equally hard on everyone. No one will have an advantage upon entering a new match.

All Updates For Free

All updates will always be free for everyone that ever purchased the game.

True First Person

Project: Redfield will always be played in True First Person, no peeking around corners with a third person camera.

Minimal HUD

There will only be minimal HUD elements, no minimap, health meter and such.

No Pay 2 Win

There will be NO pay 2 win ever in Project: Redfield. You will never be able to buy something that gives you an advantage in the game.

No Paid DLC

We will never charge for updates or DLC. More maps are already planned to be released as free DLC later on.

No Third Person

There will be no third person camera in Project: Redfield. Realism is our main focus and third person detracts from that.

No Floating Reticles

There will be no floating reticles in Project: Redfield. You will have to use what’s available on your weapon.

Over 50 Km² of playable area.


We're completely independent without a publisher that can force us to make decisions that might hurt customers.

Up to 64 players in each match.

Over 100 different real world species of plants and trees that can be found in the geographic position of the island.


Project: Redfield